Prince Gopal is an extraordinary boy who lives in Vrindavan, the village of cowherds, on the wonderful planet Goloka. Together with his friends, Gopal grazes cows and plays on the slopes of the Govardhan Hill.


Govardhan Hill is the marvellous hill right in the center of Vrindavan. It is covered with enchanting forests, fresh streams, green meadows and blossoming flowers. It also has a great variety of caves with countless treasures. The River Yamuna embraces the Govardhan Hill and cools it in hot weather. Vast herds of cows graze on the GovardhanHill and Gopal happily plays with his dear friends.


Vrindavan is a unique land, it is Gopal’s beloved world and it floats above the endless River Viraja. Vrindavan looks like an exquisite lotus flower and it is considered to be the place of origin of all the worlds and planets in all the universes.


Mother Yashoda and Nanda Maharaj are Gopal’s parents and they love him dearly. Mother Yashoda always spoils Gopal with many different kinds of sweets.


Gopal’s friends are cowherd boys, they always play and graze cows together, sometimes play pranks.


Indra is the powerful divine king, the lord of rain, thunder and lightning. He lives in a rich heavenly palace surrounded by countless servants. The plain where Indra lives is called Indraloka.


Surabhi (Sanskrit for ‘fragrant’) is the miraculous cow that fulfills every wish of her owner. She lives in Indraloka.