On the beautiful and distant planet Goloka young cowherds tend vast herds of cattle as they graze on the slopes of the sacred Govardhan Hill. Little Prince Gopal is among them. He and his happy friends are always looking for new adventures.
Gopal’s father, King Nanda, was preparing a huge celebration to honour the divine King Indra, lord of rain, thunder and lightning. The whole village was helping by making a variety of delicious treats. Prince Gopal saw this and wondered why the people of the village were praising Indra so much. Wasn’t Indra’s sole purpose to take care of the planet by sending rain? Gopal suggested that they should treat the Govardhan Hill instead. After all, it’s flourishing and prosperous slopes provided a perfect home for the people and nourishing grassland for their cows.
King Nanda and all the villagers agreed without hesitation. When he didn’t receive his annual treats, Indra became very angry and furious. He decided to avenge himself with the villagers and Prince Gopal personally.
Who will help Gopal and his friends and stop ruthless Lord Indra?

This cartoon is based upon the stories of the ancient Indian poetic legends.


Genre: Animation

Produced by: Fulldomelab Thailand

Format: 4096 х 4096 px

Languages: English, Chinese, Russian, Thai

Running time: 26 minutes

Release year: 2014

Age: Family